DVLA Vehicle tax related tasks and information

DVLA or Driving and Vehicle Licencing Agency is England’s one and only agency which handles all vehicle and driving related responsibilities in the country, therefore it’s also the place to come when it comes to handling, paying or managing vehicle tax. In this section we would like to tell you more about DVLA ’s responsibilities regarding this tax. In the UK all vehicles will be taxed no matter their type or age. This is also to ensure that the vehicle is on the road, has a MOT exam which makes it eligible to be on the road and has an official owner who pays this tax. Let’s this time see what exact information you can get and how tax payments are made when it comes to vehicle tax.

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What do you need to pay vehicle tax?

You will need to hold the warning letter coming from DVLA stating the exact amount of tax to be paid (V11) you need to hold your vehicle log book (V5C) and the new keeper’s details slip from the log book in case the vehicle you would like to pay tax for was just recently bought by you. Payment can be made by credit, debit or wire transfer. Payment form can either be obtained straight from DVLA’s website but if someone needs to fill it in by hand then it’s also available at larger Post offices which deal with vehicel tax payment documentation.

You can check if tax was paid for a vehicle:

Vehicle tax payment – direct debit: this section enlists all the possibilities you have to pay your tax online. Upon registering you can also get information on all the tax which has been paid for a vehicle. This may come really handy when it comes to checking on a vehicle before actually buying it or asking this form from its owner.

Registering a vehicle as off the road (SORN) : if you register your vehicle as off the road it also means that it will be exempt from paying vehicle tax. But also be aware that one cannot drive a SORN vehicle on official roads and it will also have its number plate taken off either when its registered as a temporary SORN or a general SORN.

Calculation of vehicle tax rate: this is the place on the official DVLA website where you can check how much you need to pay for your vehicle. Also, the homepage of the agency contains some very important information on the 2017 vehicle tax rates and their changes for the new tax year which is pretty important to read.

Cancel vehicle tax and obtain refund: if you have sold your vehicle or if you had to take your vehicle off the road then you can obtain a tax refund as well.

Information and data changes: if you have any of your data changed, your postal address for instance then you have to inform the agency about it straight away.

For more information call the DVLA helpline number or scroll through the official website which contains loads of information on vehicle taxes.


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