DVLA responsibility on vehicle registration and number plates

DVLA is handling all vehicle related non-criminal affairs and vehicle registration and the management of number plates is also such a responsibility. Hereby we would like to provide you with a list of related tasks which are all handled by Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the United Kingdom.

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Registration of Log Books (V5C)

In the United Kingdom every vehicle needs to have its Log Book which is also called as a V5C registration certificate. This log book provides details on the vehicle and they are also used to signify the legal ownership of a vehicle. The Log book also contains the full name and address of the owner and that’s also why it’s an essential documentation to have and to check on.

Change of address or name on log book:

this is a section where an owner can report and changes in the address or in the owner’s name so that the log book can display the correct details. Everyone needs to be aware that any untrue or not updated information on the Log book may result in instant police penalty upon a road check. Change vehicle details on log book: if there is anything that has been changed on a vehicle it should be instantly reported to the DVLA and there is of course a form to fill out for that. You can download the form straight from the website.

Reporting on the changing of ownership:

if the ownership of a vehicle has been changed it must be instantly reported to the Agency who will update the details and will provide the new owner with the new log book shortly thereafter.

Request information about a vehicle’s owner:

before you buy a vehicle it should be essential to get information about the owner of the vehicle, to make sure all data is in place and truthful. This is the section where someone can obtain such information.

Informing DVLA of someone’s passing away:

if someone passes away it should also be instantly reported to the agency. The card’s future ownership has to be reported as well. Number plate related affairs: it’s no secret that every car needs to have their own plate number if its owner wants to keep it legally on the road. DVLA deals with all sorts of number plate related affairs such as the below enlisted ones.

Regal regulation about displaying number plates:

this section is very important to read through to know when and where should a number plate be displayed and what state it has to be in in order to avoid police penalties.

Private number plates:

if an organization or a private person would like to obtain a private number plate or a personalized plate number they need to request this from the DVLA in return for a certain fee.

Vehicle registration numbers:

DVLA also handles registration number related issues. Registration number is just as important as the plate number and should be featured and be in a readable format in order for the vehicle to be on the road legally.

For more information or enquiry on plate numbers and Log books check out the official website or call the DVLA helpline number.


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