DVLA: handling of MOTs

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA also handles all tasks related to the MOT which means the overall and detailed examination of vehicles which is to determine their eligibility for driving them safely on the roads. Keep in mind that if a vehicle does not get through a MOT exam successfully, it has to be taken off the roads. MOT needs to be performed for every type of vehicle, no matter their type or their age. A different period of time applies for every single type of vehicle. In this chapter we would like to enlist all the MOT related tasks DVLA is currently dealing with.

Vehicle inspection mot

Keep in mind that DVLA has almost fully transitioned to online management and documentation which means that the handling of inquiries, applications, declarations and other paperwork also largely happens online if not otherwise specified or wished by someone. For further information call the DVLA helpline number which can be found on the official website of the agency.

DVLA MOT handling tasks:

Checking the vehicle status: This is to handle and to ensure a MOT status of a vehicle which is essential when it comes to both selling and buying a vehicle. MOT history is also a very important data point which needs to be taken care of when it comes to ensuring that a vehicle is safe to drive. This department also handles all inquiries regarding vehicles which have no MOT exams (vehicles which come from other countries may also belong in this category).

Getting an MOT:

This section is important for those who need to learn about the meaning of MOT and what the exam encompasses along with the financial responsibilities regarding it. As each sort of vehicle need to make a different sort of MOT this also means that each MOT has a different list of conditions which a vehicle need to fulfill. This is also the section where someone can make a complaint if they thing that the MOT which was done was not properly performed or brought a wrong result. Last but not least car owners can also learn about the relation of MOT and vehicle tax. The lists of car parts and motorcycle parts which are getting checked through during an MOT exam are also found in this section.

Replacing a MOT certificate:

When it comes to renewing a MOT or replacing it because of the change in ownership for instance this is the official section to come as well. If your MOT certificate got damaged or lost you need to instantly report this and ask for a new MOT otherwise police may even take away your driving license.

Example of MOT certificates:

if you need to learn about MOT certificates then you can find several examples on them on the official website of DVLA. This section also includes the Emergency MOT test certificate and the Refusal of MOT test certificate paperwork. br Check out the official DVLA website for further information on MOT exams and other vehicle related tasks DVLA is handling.


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