DVLA further responsibilities

DVLA or as it’s also called the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has tons of tasks all related to vehicle and driving license management in the United Kingdom and it handles most of these responsibilities on line.
In this chapter we will enlist some of the key tasks which can come up when it comes to owning a vehicle. Keep in mind that this list is not the total list. DVLA also handles MOTs, SORNs and has the responsibilities handling all sorts of vehicle taxes as well.


Log Books and number plate related management:

DVLA also takes care of the registration of log books which is extremely important in terms of MOT exams, buying or selling a vehicle or when it comes to taking a vehicle off the road. Don’t forget that all changes in owners’ data and vehicle’s situation must instantly be noted in the vehicle’s log book and DVLA needs to be informed as soon as possible. DVLA takes care of V5C registration certificates which vehicles should have and It’s also here you need to come if you are looking for a number plate supplier, if you would like to have a personalised number plate or if you would like to place a registration number on a vehicle. This is also the department to come to when it comes to cancelling your vehicle tax or dealing with insurance write-offs or other refunds.

Selling/Buying a vehicle:

when it comes to selling, buying or transferring a vehicle in any other way then it must be reported to DVLA. As selling and buying results in registration of the vehicle and further paperwork, it’s essential that both the new and the former owner goes to DVLA to inform it about these changes. It’s here new owners receive information on tax payments too.

Driving tests:

DVLA is also handling the driving tests, both the theory and the driving parts and you can instantly apply for a test on the official website. The driving tests are available fo5r cars, trailers, Lorries and buses, motorcycles, taxis, tractors and other special vehicles as well. You can read and learn more about the methodology and the price of the tests by calling the DVLA helpline number for more information.

Health/medical conditions and eligibility for driving:

one must be held eligible for driving both mentally and physically. That’s why everyone who applies for driving licence must go through a detailed health check to ensure that they are wholly eligible for driving. This is also a must do when it comes to someone extending their driving licence or when someone goes over a certain age when the medical tests need to be done on a bi yearly or yearly basis.

What DVLA does not handle:

Keep in mind that DVLA does not handle all those cases which are under the responsibility of the police. These include accidents, stolen vehicles and any other crime related situations.
Most of the queries should be sent in online, this includes all the documentation which needs to be scanned in and sent to DVLA directly. However should you have any further questions or enquiries then you can also call the DVLA helpline number.


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